Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

The La Crosse BoyChoir is a treble boychoir that provides an active point of entrance into music and vocal training for unchanged boys’ voices.

Our Vision

The vision of the La Crosse BoyChoir is to touch everyone with the beauty of unchanged boys’ voices.

Our Values
Commitment Singing with the La Crosse BoyChoir takes dedication and perseverance. The most valuable contribution a chorister can make to the BoyChoir is his presence.
Excellence A high standard for performance excellence creates self-esteem and provides training for leadership through mentoring.
Respect Learning cultural awareness through music repertoire and relationships amongst choristers instills respect for others, which is essential for a successful boychoir community.

Our Educational and Musical Outcomes

Choristers will acquire, understand and demonstrate:

Deportment Behavior and discipline, concentration, participation, personal commitment, understand the importance of the individual to the boychoir
Reading Skills Follow melodic lines/texts; sight-reading, notes, symbols, score-markings; ability to sing in other languages other than English
Vocal Skills Proper sitting, standing, breathing, movement
Aural Skills Match pitch, rhythm patterns, pitch relationships, recognize a healthy treble sound, and recognize major and minor tones



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